Laboratory and synchrotron images

Beamtime at Advanced Photon Source (beamline 11-D-B; Argonne National Laboratories, Chicago, USA)

Here I am preparing the samples that will be analysed using synchrotron-based pair distribution function (PDF). Samples are kept in kapton tubes, as shown in the bottom left inset.


Samples ready to be measured with pair distribution function. The detector can be seen in the left area of the image.


Dominique Tobler evaluating data.


Group picture after a successful mission! From left to right: Karina K. Sand, Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco and Dominique Tobler.

Beamtime at Station I22 at Diamond Light Source (UK)


Station I22 (Small/Wide angle X-ray scattering; SAXS/WAXS) at Diamond Light Source, where we have carried out multiple in situ and real-time crystallisation experiments.


Experimental setup at station I22.


Example of carbonate precipitation experiment by constant addition and turbidity measurements

Constant addition experiments to crystallise carbonates.


Details of the experimental system.


Turbidity measurements with an UV-Vis spectrophotometric system.

Beamtime at ISIS neutron source (Sandals station) Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK)

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Preparation of deuterated solids in an Ar glovebox for analysis using neutron scattering.

Overview of the ISIS neutron source research complex.

Overview of the ISIS neutron source research complex.