High resolution microscopy images

Some (of the many) high-resolution microscopy images obtained during my research. If you click on any image you will access the paper where the image is presented and discussed.

Early stage formation of vaterite: the image shows vaterite nanoaggregates in a matrix of amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) nanoparticles.

Calcite (rombohedra) and snowflake-shaped vaterite in an amorphous calcium carbonate formed from an ethanol-bearing aqueous solution.


Detail of a cauliflower-shaped vaterite nanoaggregate formed from an ethanol-bearing solution


Monohydrocalcite (CaCO3·H2O, left area) grown via spherulitic growth from a poorly-ordered Mg-bearing amorphous Ca carbonate precursor. Hydromagnesite (Mg5(CO3)4(OH)2·4H2O) crystals are also present in the right area.


Kozoite-Nd (NdCO3OH) hydrothermally grown from a poorly-ordered Nd-rich carbonate precursor.


Details of branching of Kozoite-Nd (NdCO3OH) aggregates.


Kozoite-La (LaCO3OH) hydrothermally crystallised after dissolution of lanthanite ‎[La2(CO3)3·8(H2O)] via a dissolution-recrystallisation process.

“Fish-bone” morphologies of hydrothermally crystallised Nd-hydroxylbastnasite (NdCO3OH).

Hematite synthesised by dry heating of CO3-rich ferrihydrite at 1000 °C.